Vehicle Total Loss Claim Underpayment Class Action

The class action lawyers with Hendren Redwine & Malone have recently filed a class action lawsuit against a North Carolina auto insurer for underpaying total loss claims in North Carolina.

The genesis of the lawsuit is the insurance company’s reliance on an arbitrary method of evaluating the total loss claim. In this instance, and in the case of many other insurers in North Carolina, the insurance company based its payment to our client on a Market Valuation Report that included an improper deduction called a “Condition Adjustment.”

Our contention is that this “Condition Adjustment” is improper, not only for our client, but for every other person who was underpaid by the insurance company.  We are currently litigating this case in federal court in North Carolina with the help of a top national class action law firm.

If you question whether you were underpaid by your insurance company following the total loss of your vehicle, call the lawyers at Hendren Redwine & Malone and ask to speak with attorney Mike Malone.  There is no charge for the call and we collect attorneys’ fees only if we recover for you.

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