Hit-and-Run Accidents

Do you have a question for a North Carolina hit-and-run accident attorney?  If so, call us today to discuss your legal rights following a North Carolina hit-and-run accident.

Hit and run accidents can be among the most serious accidents on the roadways of North Carolina.  Hit and run accidents may affect you as a motorist, motorcyclist, pedestrian or bicyclist.

Many hit-and-run victims have serious injuries such as broken bones that come with substantial medical bills and time away from work.  An experienced hit-and-run lawyer can assist you with maximizing your recovery for all of your losses.

If you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident, it is very important to notify local law enforcement officers immediately.  In some cases, the timing of notification to a law enforcement officer may be the difference in whether you can recover from any insurance company for your injuries.

We know that law enforcement officers will do their best to track down a hit-and-run driver. However, there resources may be limited and as time passes, the trail gets colder.  In addition to contacting law enforcement officers, you should strongly consider contacting an attorney so that your claim can be protected from any procedural loopholes that might exist.

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