North Carolina Propane Explosion Attorneys and N.C. Gas Grill Lawyers

Have you or a family member suffered serious injuries or worse as a result of a propane grill or gas grill explosion?  If so, you may have a claim against the manufacturer of the grill or against the company that sold you the propane tank.

Cases involving propane or gas grill explosions often result in serious burn injuries that require lengthy hospitalizations.  In North Carolina, these cases often involve treatment at the UNC Burn Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina which provides focused care for burn injury victims.  Treatment for these serious injuries is very costly and a victim of such an accident should be aware of all possible sources of recovery for their injuries and medical bills.

Gas Grill

Our lawyers at Hendren, Redwine & Malone will investigate a propane grill or gas grill explosion to determine if there is liability including negligence or product liability for failure to comply with safety regulations, failure to inspect valves, and failure to ensure the safe usage of a grill.

The safe use of a grill is most often common sense.  However, in certain conditions, propane can collect in areas that are very dangerous for the user such as when there is a leak at the propane.  For more information about safe grill operation, please refer to the website for the National Fire Protection Association which has some excellent information and tips regarding the safe usage of gas and propane grills.

If you or a family member have been injured in a propane grill or gas grill explosion or fire, contact the lawyers at Hendren, Redwine & Malone today for a free consultation.