$650,000 For Injured Motorcycle Rider in Newton, North Carolina

In this case, the lawyers at Hendren & Malone represented a motorcyle rider who was hit while riding on a rural road in Catawba County, North Carolina.  The driver of the car that hit our client was driving without a license.  Our client suffered severe injuries requiring significant hospitalization and rehabilitation.  The claim settled at a pre-suit mediation that involved our client’s underinsured motorist insurance carrier.  An interesting twist in this case involved the insurance coverage.  Our client had underinsured motorist coverage on a work vehicle that would ordinarily not have applied because the policy was in the name of a corporation.  However, we successfully argued that the corporation had been dissolved a few months before the wreck which meant that the policy, which was renewed during the intervening time period, was renewed on behalf of an individual rather than a corporation.  Based on that analysis, the insurance company agreed to provide coverage.