$43,000 For Woman Injured in Raleigh Bicycle Wreck

In this case, we represented a very nice woman from Raleigh who was riding her bicycle along the Raleigh Greenway between Lassister Mill Road and Anderson Drive.  As she was riding along, another bicyclist was coming in the other direction and crossed directly into the path of our client and hit our client.  As a result, our client went over her handlebars and broke both her wrists upon landing.

This client was the sister of a friend of mine.  When I first heard about this wreck and met with the injured woman, she did not realize that there was any way to recover for her injuries.  Indeed, this was not a situation where there was a motor vehicle involved and you were reasonably certain the vehicle had insurance.  However, we did know the name of the other bicyclist and, fortunately, she was a homeowner.  Under the terms of most homeowner insurance policies, there is coverage for a liability incident involving a bicycle.  Therefore, we made a claim against the other bicyclist’s homeowner’s insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, the other insurance company did not give up easily.  They had another eye witness who was riding with their insured who said my client ran into the other woman.  With this disagreement on liability as the back-drop, we filed suit and litigated the case in Wake County Superior Court.  After depositions were taken, the case was settled at mediation.

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