$250,000 For Raleigh Bicyclist Injured in Atlantic Beach

In this case, we represented a wonderful gentlemen from Raleigh who was vacationing with his family in Atlantic Beach.  An avid bicyclist, our client loved riding while on vacation.  On the day of the wreck, our client was riding along the right edge of the main beach road just in front of the Coral Bay Club.  While he was riding, he was struck from behind by a car.  The driver of the car was a very nice woman who was returning from the grocery store.

As a result of the wreck, my client was thrown from his bike and suffered severe injuries.  He ultimately had several broken bones and was taken by helicopter to Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville, North Carolina.  Unfortunately, a wound to my client’s hip was slow to resolve and my client experienced many months of painful recovery including multiple surgeries.

There were no eye witnesses to the wreck and my client had no memories of the wreck.  The driver of the car claimed that my client swerved to the left just as she was passing him.   Based on that fact, the woman driver’s insurance company did not have a serious interest in resolving the case.  Therefore, we filed a lawsuit for my client and retained an accident reconstructionist to fully understand what happened in the wreck.  We also took the deposition of the woman driver and learned that she really did not remember exactly how the wreck had happened.

After a year of hard-fought litigation with excellent defense attorneys on the side of the insurance company, the case was resolved for $250,000. This resolution was reached after multiple depositions and two mediations.

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