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Defective North Carolina Roadways

The negligence of a driver is the most typical cause of an accident on North Carolina roadways.  However, there can be other causes as well including defective roadway conditions.  Defective roadways such as those based on a poor design or roadways in poor repair can cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle and result in a collision.  Roadways that are under construction and repair can also result in accidents if the roadway construction contractor fails to use best practices in the construction and repair of the roadway.

In the event of a defective roadway accident, there can be several responsible parties including the governmental agency responsible for the roadway, the engineers who designed the roadway, and the contractors who built the roadway.

Defective roadway lawsuits are very complex.  The lawyers at Hendren Redwine & Malone include an attorney with a bachelors, masters and PhD in civil engineering.  Our lawyers understand the complex issues associated with a defective roadway claim.  In these cases, we do not charge any fee unless we recover money for the victim of the crash.  Call us today at 919-420-0475 if you have a question about a defective roadway claim.

Types of Defective North Carolina Roadways

North Carolina is a growing state and our Department of Transportation spends millions of dollars on roadway construction and repair.  Nonetheless, our state has many roadways that were not properly designed or properly maintained.  Each claim for a North Carolina defective roadway accident involves significant investigation using top roadway engineers.  Examples of North Carolina defective roadway claims include:

  • Uneven pavement or uneven lanes during resurfacing operations
  • Poor design
  • Excessive debris
  • Improper guardrail design
  • Improper median barrier design and installation
  • Excessively sharp curves
  • Shoulder drop offs
  • Malfunctioning warning signs and signals
  • Failure to post proper warning signs and signals
  • Pooling of water on roadway due to improper design
  • Defective or lack of street lights
  • Dangerous intersections
  • Improperly signed construction zones
  • Excessive gravel

Investigation of Defective Roadway Cases

It is very important to investigate defective roadway cases as soon as possible.  Valuable evidence regarding the condition of the roadway can be lost over time and photographs of the accident scene may not tell the entire story.  Having a skilled and reputable roadway engineer investigate a defective roadway accident can be the difference between success and failure in a defective roadway design case.

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