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I have a question about CCC One Total Loss Valuation

Was your vehicle totaled in a crash and did you receive a low valuation from CCC One and the insurance company?

Our firm is actively investigating claims for folks who received offers or payments from insurance companies based on valuation reports prepared by CCC One.  In some instances, we believe that these valuation reports undervalued the totaled vehicle.  Due to this undervaluation, we believe many consumers may not have received a fair payment for the totaled vehicle.

If you have a vehicle that was totaled in a crash and you received an offer or payment from the insurance company based on a CCC One report, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss whether this offer or payment was fair.  There is no charge for the free consultation and we get paid only if we recover for you.


My vehicle was totaled in a NC crash

When is a vehicle considered totaled following a North Carolina accident?

North Carolina laws for vehicles totaled in a crash are not nearly as descriptive as some other states.  The applicable law for vehicles totaled in a crash can be found at 11 NCAC 04.0418.  This regulation indicates that a vehicle is a total loss when the damaged exceeds 75% of the preaccident actual cash value.  The regulation goes on to say that the insurance company shall pay the preaccident value of the vehicle and, in exchange, receive the title to the vehicle.

How much money should you get for your totaled vehicle?

The regulation is not very clear on how an insurance company should determine the preaccident value. According to the North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance Consumer Guide to Automobile Insurance, a total loss claimant is entitled to the actual cash value of the vehicle which represents the local market value of the totaled vehicle.  The Consumer Guide indicates there are two methods for determining the local market value: 1) By using the local market price of a comparable vehicle; 2) If no comparable vehicle can be located, dollar estimates from at least two qualified dealers within the local market area.

We are aware that many insurance companies employ third-party companies such as CCC One to determine the preaccident value.  We believe that some of CCC One’s methodologies are flawed and result in valuations that are unfairly low for the totaled vehicle.

If you have a question about a total loss vehicle from a North Carolina accident, please give us a call to discuss whether your claim is being handled properly.  There is no charge for the call and we only get paid if we recover for you.

Winston-Salem House Catches Fire After Car Accident

Wednesday morning a family of four lost their home and most of their belongings due to the apparent negligence of a car driver.  According to reports, an impaired driver hit a utility pole on Rosie Street near the home of Melissa Enriquez and her family.  As a result, power lines struck the Enriquez home and started a fire.  The Enriquez family apparently lost their home and their belongings due to the fire.

The driver of the vehicle has been charged with multiple crimes including DWI.  She also left the scene of the accident.

The Enriquez family are victims in every sense of the word in this case.  Hopefully, the driver of the car has insurance.  The Enriquez family may need to contact a lawyer to ensure that they are fairly compensated for everything they have lost due to the driver’s apparent gross negligence.

Read more about this accident.

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Raleigh NC Life Insurance Claim Lawyer

Life insurance policies promise to provide financial security after the passing of a loved one.  Despite the obligations of the life insurance company, many companies deny life insurance claims without a valid reason.

We Are Lawyers Fighting Improper Life Insurance Claim Denials

Many life insurance companies deny a valid life insurance claim by alleging that there was a misrepresentation in the life insurance application.  In some cases, the life insurance company will deny a claim alleging that the policy has lapsed.  There are many critical factors to evaluate when you are faced with such a denial.  The key is to not give up and simply let the insurance company win.

Suing the Life Insurance Company

If the life insurance company has acted improperly in denying a valid claim for life insurance benefits, we will vigorously pursue the life insurance claim on behalf of the beneficiaries.  Depending on the facts of the case, the life insurance company may be liable for more than just the value of the policy. In some cases, they may be forced to pay extra damages as well as attorneys fees and the costs of the litigation.

Who Should I Contact

If you have a question about a North Carolina life insurance claim denial, contact Hendren & Malone and ask to speak with attorney Michael Malone.  We do not charge for an initial consultation.  In most cases, we will not charge any attorneys fees unless we recover for the beneficiaries of the life insurance policy.