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Casselton North Dakota Accident Results in Evacuation and Concerns Over Rail Safety

On Monday December 30, 2013, the residents of a small North Dakota town called Casselton were forced from their homes following a fiery train accident.  The accident, which happened around 2:30 pm, involved a BNSF Railway Co. train carrying crude oil.  According to reports, the train derailed causing multiple cars to catch fire and explode.

Casselton, a town of about 2,400 residents, underwent a precautionary evacuation that lasted into Tuesday, December 31, 2013.  Complicating matters were temperatures below zero which certainly made it difficult for the residents of Casselton.  Residents of Casselton reported that the explosions from the accident shook their homes and businesses for hours.

The derailment happened even as concerns are growing over the safety of shipping significant quantities of crude oil by rail.  Fortunately, in this accident there were not the same catastrophic effects of a similar accident in Ontario this past summer. In the Ontario accident, forty-seven people died following the derailment of a train carrying crude oil.

There are reports that BNSF has set up a claims center for people displaced form their homes due to this accident.  Typically, these claims centers only reimburse people for out-of-pocket expenses related to an evacuation.  The lawyers at Hendren & Malone have represented thousands of families in similar cases across the country and secured compensation not only for out-of-pocket costs but also for the loss of use of the home and other incidental expenses such as lost wages.  If you or a family member have a question about your rights following an industrial accident such as this, contact the lawyers at Hendren & Malone for a free consultation.

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U.S. v. Simmons Federal Innocence Claims Lawyer

The law firm of Hendren & Malone is now representing numerous individuals who were wrongfully convicted in federal court of the crime of a felon in possession of a firearm.  These cases arise following the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in United States v. Simmons.  Those individuals whow were wrongfully convicted may have a claim for compensation for the time spent in prison.

If you have had a criminal sentence vacated due to the court decision in Simmons, please contact the law firm of Hendren & Malone to see if you may have a claim for compensation.

Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in North Carolina Caused by Contaminated Steroid Injections

Updated information from the United States Centers for Disease Control has indicated that at least two people in North Carolina have now been infected with fungal meningitis from contaminated epidural steroid injections.

Reports are that several North Carolina medical practices may have received the tainted medication including the North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic, Eastern Regional Surgical Center in Wilson, and the High Point Surgery Center.  If you are a patient of any of these facilities, you should contact your doctor immediately.  Symptoms of fungal meningitis include headache, fever, nausea, neck stiffness, and dizziness.

The outbreak has apparent origins at the New England Compounding Center which prepared the steroids for distribution.  The company has now issued a recall for all of its products.

If you or a family member have any questions about your legal rights arising from the meningitis outbreak, please call the attorneys at Hendren & Malone for a free consultation.

Baltimore, Maryland Clinic Sued For Deliberately Exposing Black Children To Lead Poisoning

In a terrible story, a Baltimore, Maryland medical facility has been sued in a class action for allegedly deliberately exposing inner city black children to hazardous lead in order to measure whether efforts to control contamination were effective.  The clinic, Kennedy Krieger, is affiliated with Johns Hopkins which is a renowned medical institute.  The case has been filed as a class action.  Click here for more on this story.