Chinese Drywall

Florida Real Estate Companies Settle Chinese Drywall Claims

As reported by the Miami Herald, two companies in a class-action case over defective Chinese drywall in Homestead houses are willing to pay $6 million to settle the case.

South Kendall Construction and an affiliate, Palm Isles Holdings, will pay $4 million, and Keys Gate Realty will pay $2.6 million to homeowners if the offer is approved in court.

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Court Finds For Families in Chinese Drywal Cases

In a recent 108 page court opinion, Judge Eldon Fallon, presiding over the MDL for Chinese Drywall claims, awarded eight families in Virginia a total recovery just over $2.6 million.  The recovery is limited to claims against the Chinese manufacuturer Taishin Gypsum but will hopefully set a standard for future recoveries for otehr families who have had their homes ruined by Chinese drywall.

Chinese Drywall examiner warns of health risk

The health-related issues related to Chinese Drywall continue to grow. As the Palm Beach Post reports, The Florida Department of Health recently collected air sample from a home built with Chinese drywall. Similarly the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has begun air sampling in six homes. Numerous lawsuits have been filed due to the toxic drywall.

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