Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Financial Workouts

Hendren & Malone File Chapter 11 For One Renaissance

Hendren & Malone have filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the One Renaissance office building in north Raleigh.  Representative tenants of the building include Waste Industries.  Click here for a link to an article in the Triangle Business Journal regarding this recent bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy Filings Fall Slighly in Eastern District of North Carolina

As reported by Channel 14 news, bankruptcy filings fell slightly in the Eastern District of North Carolina for September when compared to the previous year.  For more, click here.

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Wilmington Gateway Developer Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Reports are that the 11-story Gateway project in downtown Wilmington has avoided foreclosure when the developer filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  For more click here.

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Greensboro Ham's Restaurant Closes, Company in Bankruptcy

Reports are that the Greensboro Ham’s restaurant recently closed despite being purchased out of bankruptcy several weeks ago.  Click here for more.

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