Narada Miller Seriously Injured in Jacksonville NC Fire at Hinson Arms Apartments

Apartment building fire in Jacksonville, North Carolina kills young girl and seriously injures her father.

JACKSONVILLE, NC (January 30, 2020) – A gentleman named Narada Miller was severely injured and his young daughter, Zahria Miller, was killed in a fire on Saturday, January 25, at an apartment building in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

The fire at the Hinson Arms Apartments was first reported to emergency responders at just after 1:00 a.m. early on Saturday morning.  Multiple fire departments responded to the blaze but ultimately 12 apartments were totally destroyed.  Eight of the twelve apartments were occupied but the only victims appear to be Mr. Narada Miller and his daughter Zahria.  Narada Miller, who is 37 years old, was sent to a nearby trauma hospital for treatment and there is no indication of his condition.  His daughter, Zahria, was only 9 years old.

Initial reports indicate that the fire was not suspicious.  However, the fire investigation has not concluded and the cause and origin of this fire are still undetermined.  There are numerous agencies involved with the investigation including the NC State Bureau of Investigation.  If the investigation indicates that the fire started due to a maintenance issue at the apartment building, Mr. Miller and his family may have claims against the owners of the Hinson Arms Apartments.

In North Carolina, apartment buildings constructed after 2006 are required to have properly functioning sprinkler systems.  However, apartment buildings constructed prior to 2006 are not required to have sprinklers.  All landlords, regardless of the age of construction of an apartment building, are required to have working smoke detectors.  In this case, it is not known whether the apartment building was new enough to have required sprinklers and, if so, whether the sprinklers were properly functioning.  It is also not known whether the required smoke detectors were properly functioning.

Conducting a prompt and thorough investigation is essential to determining whether the owner of the Hinson Arms Apartments may be at fault for the tragic loss of Zahria Miller and the injuries to her father Narada Miller.  This investigation may include retaining independent cause and origin fire experts to determine the reason this tragic fire started in addition to multiple interviews with other tenants of the apartment building to understand the conditions at the building.

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