Cayce SC Amtrak Collision Injures Over 100 Passengers and Kills Two Amtrak Emplyees

A terrible train collision near Cayce, South Carolina yesterday has resulted in the death of two Amtrak employees and injuries to over 100 passengers.  The collision appears to have occurred when a track switch was left in the wrong position.  Initial indications suggest that CSX may be responsible for the positioning of the switch.  The National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an investigation of the collision.  There are also reports that the train was not equipped with Positive Train Control which may have also prevented the collision.

According to additional reports, a signal system was not operating at the time of the crash and dispatchers from CSX were routing trains at the time of the wreck.  Apparently the Amtrak train was diverted onto a rail line where it collided into a CSX train loaded with automobiles.  In addition to the death of the two Amtrak employees and the injuries to the passengers, thousands of gallons of fuel also spilled.

Based on the initial reports, this accident was entirely preventable had appropriate safeguards been in place and had the dispatchers properly performed their jobs.  Our law firm has significant experience handling train accident cases similar to this terrible collision.  We successfully represented numerous victims from the March 2015 Amtrak collision near Halifax, North Carolina.  If you or a family member have questions about your legal rights following this accident, please contact our office today.

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  1. Switch locked in wrong position and last one to use the switch was CSX. Should be pretty easy to figure out who is to blame for this curfuggel.
    S\hows how little that Princton hater knowsabout trains. Guess nowadays the little ones have missed that simple pleasure. (We used to set up tracks and play with them year round).

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