Tractor-Trailer Accident on I-95 in Nash County, North Carolina Claims Two Lives

A terrible wreck on Wednesday morning on I-95 in Nash County, North Carolina has claimed two lives.

The accident apparently happened when a tractor-trailer struck a Honda Accord that was stopped in the right hand lane.  It is unclear why the Honda was stopped but witnesses apparently say that the Honda did have its hazard lights on at the time of the wreck.  The driver of the tractor trailer apparently saw the Honda and tried to switch lanes but could not because of vehicles traveling beside him.  It is not clear from the reports how much time the tractor trailer driver had to actually switch lanes to avoid this terrible wreck.

The victims of this terrible wreck are Jeanie Evans and Sharonda Hendricks who are both from North Carolina.

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The families of the victims have our deepest sympathy for their loss.

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