Electronic Cigarette Blows Up - Severely Burning Man

A Florida man was severely burned when his electronic cigarette exploded in his face.

The gentlemen, Tom Holloway of Niceville, Florida, was smoking the electronic cigarette in his house when it blew up.  Apaprently, the debris from the exploding cigarette melted everything it touched.  Mr. Holloway suffered severe facial injuries and burns and is being treated at a burn center.  It is not clear the name of the cigarette brand.  Click here for more.

The incidences of burns from e-cigarettes appear to be increasing.  There are very few regulations that ensure the safety of e-cigarette users and many e-cigarettes contain design flaws that can lead to serious injuries.  Reported injuries from the use of e-cigarettes includes severe burns, facial injuries, house fires and other personal property damage.

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