Hudson, North Carolina Chemical Plant Blows Up - Causes Evacuation

On Saturday afternoon, a chemical plant in Hudson, North Carolina blew up causes an evacuation of approximately 750 nearby residents.  The plant, located in Caldwell County, North Carolina, is operated by Chemical Coatings, Inc.  It is not clear what caused the explosion.  However, it took multiple first responders several hours to control the blaze.

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If you or your family have been affected by this explosion and evacuation, call Hendren & Malone today.  The lawyers at Hendren & Malone have brought cases for evacuation related damages in multiple jurisdictions.  We were the attorneys for the residents of Apex, North Carolina who were evacuated in 2006 following an explosion at the EQ facility.  That case resulted in a $7.85 million settlement for the residents in a class action.

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2 responses to “Hudson, North Carolina Chemical Plant Blows Up – Causes Evacuation”

  1. Michael Harlow K Shannon Harlow says:

    We had to evacuate after the explosion and left for the night not knowing how long it would last. At the time we owned a house right behind the explosion 111 creek path drive Hudson Nc. Myself ,wife and two year old were told to evacuate and I’m curious to our recourse now.

  2. J. Michael Malone says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Harlow:
    I am sorry that I have not responded to your question sooner.
    We are currently pursuing a class action on behalf of families such as yours which is seeking compensation for a family being displaced from their home. Please contact my office if you have any questions but your claim would likely be covered under the class action.
    Thank you,
    Mike Malone

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