Article About Seatbelt Use

Here is a very interesting article about the importance of using seatbelts.  In this article, the author discusses the terrible North Carolina wreck which left her son paralyzed.  Apparently her son had been out partying and hopped in a car without wearing his seatbelt.  On the way to the Wal-Mart the car wrecked and rolled several times.  Click here for the article

Hendren & Malone posts this article to allow people who visit our website access to stories and information that might be of interest and, where appropriate, to make decisions about matters that may improve their lives.  We believe it is important for people to be aware of the potential consequences of not following basic safety rules such as sending text messages while driving, drinking and driving, and speeding. By posting this article, Hendren & Malone makes no representations as to any relationship we may have with any of the individuals or businesses that are discussed in the story.  If you are a family member of someone discussed in this article and have some concerns about the posting of this article, please contact us immediately.

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