Lawmakers Consider Cell Phone Ban While Driving

As reported by WNCT, some state lawmakers want to make it illegal to talk on the phone while driving. Cell phones are already banned behind the wheel for school bus drivers and people younger than 18.  A bill under consideration in the General Assembly would ban cell phone use while driving for everyone.

     Violators would pay a hundred dollar fine. However, drivers could still use their phones if they’re hands free. The bill’s now in the Senate Appropriations Committee. People in North Carolina readily admit they use their cell phones in the car. ”People get to talking and not paying attention, trying to answer cell phones. I think that’s a good thing to ban while driving,” Keisha Jacobs-Jones. “I use the blue tooth,” said Robert Nunley.

     The insurance institute for highway safety looked at four states with hand-held bans already in place. It found the number of drivers using hand held phones dropped, but the number of accidents held steady. Safety advocates say drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident while on the phone.

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